Douglas County Republican Party Opposes the Omaha Public Schools “Family 3/2 Plan” 

OMAHA, NE - The Douglas County Republican Party (DCRP) opposes the plan by Omaha Public Schools to alternate students’ in-person classes, and calls for a solution that is more equitable to all families. 

Under this plan, students will be divided into two different groups based on the first letter of their last name. Students with last names starting with A-K will attend class on Monday and Tuesday, while students with last names starting with L-Z will attend class on Thursday and Friday, with both groups alternating on Wednesdays.

"Keeping kids at home puts a lot of stress on working parents and disproportionately hurts kids from underprivileged families, said Theresa Thibodeau, Chairwoman of the DCRP. "I encourage Dr. Logan and the OPS board to re-examine their proposal and find a solution that will better serve everyone in the district." 

Chris Nelson


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