OMAHA, NE – As the Omaha City Council convened on Tuesday afternoon to debate and vote on the “mask mandate” for the City of Omaha, our Republican City Council members worked diligently to amend this ordinance to ensure that effective and sound policy took precedent over a rushed and speedy ordinance. Our Republican members are in the minority on the City Council. Therefore, there was no effective way to halt entirely a mask mandate. The efforts exhibited by our Republican members to amend the ordinance shows great leadership, discernment and compassion.

Douglas County Republican Party Chair Theresa Thibodeau released the following statement:

“We understand that this may be a divisive issue. At the end of the day, we do not have the votes to ultimately stop a mask mandate for the City of Omaha. We stand strongly behind our Republican City Council members in their efforts to improve this ordinance to respect the rights of all Omahans. Furthermore, this is an important step to embracing the Republican vision that cherishes all human life and fights for the success of small businesses. With this vote, we can further ensure our children remain in school and our businesses stay open. Thank you to Aimee Melton, Brinker Harding and Rich Pahls for their leadership on the City Council.”


Chris Nelson


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