Leadership and Office Holders

Federal and State Elected Officials

United States Senate(2)
United States Congress(2)

Constitutional Officers(4)

The Douglas County Republican Party

DCRP Executive Committee(8) 
LD Chairs

List of Elected Officials from Douglas County

Nebraska Legislature

Sen. Brett Lindstrom, (402) 471-2618

Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, (402) 471-2885

Sen. Robert (Bob) Hilkemann, (402) 471-2621

Sen. John McCollister, (402) 471-2622

Omaha City Mayor

(402) 444-5000

Jean Stothert

Omaha City Council

(402) 444-5557

Aimee Melton

Rich Pahls

Brinker Harding

Public Service Commission

(402) 471-3101

Tim Schram

Natural Resources District

(402) 444-6222

Fred Conley, NRD Subdistrict 2, Omaha

Curt Frost, NRD Subdistrict 3, Omaha

John Conley, NRD Subdistrict 4, Omaha

Richard Tesar, NRD Subdistrict 5, Waterloo

Jim Thompson, NRD Subdistrict 6, Omaha

Patrick Leahy, NRD Subdistrict 7, Omaha

Tim Fowler, NRD Subdistrict 8, Omaha

Westside Board of Education

(402) 390-2105

Scott Hazelrigg

OPS Board of Education

(402) 557-2101

Matt Scanlan

Lou Ann Goding

Sarah Brumfield


(402) 636-3207

Mike Cavanaugh

Millard Board of Education

(402) 895-8200

Mike Kennedy

Michael Pate

David Anderson

Paul Meyer

Linda Poole

Patrick Ricketts


(402) 449-8153

Tim Cavanaugh

Dave Friend

Jack Frost

Steve Patterson

Board of Regents U of N

(402) 472-2111

Howard Hawks

Douglas County Sheriff

(402) 444-6641

Tim Dunning

Clerk of District Court

(402) 444-7018

John Friend

Douglas County Commissioner

(402) 444-7025

Clare Duda

Mary Ann Borgenson

PJ Morgan

Learning Community

(402) 964-2405

Blaine McCulloh

Roger Holthaus

Allen Hager

Jeanne Anderson

Elkhorn Board of Education

(402) 289-2579

Calvin Bull

Charles Burney

Aaron Clark

Ann Long

John Marasco

Ronald Riggle