OMAHA, NE – As the Nebraska Legislature reconvened Monday, Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha wasted no time resorting to baseless personal attacks against Senator Julie Slama. Senator Chambers claimed that the only reason Senator Slama was appointed by Governor Ricketts was because of promised “favors of the flesh.” Sen Chambers’ comments are sexist and outright disgusting. 

Former State Senator and current Douglas County Republican Party Chair Theresa Thibodeau released the following statement:

“Sen Chambers' attack on one of the most prominent female members of the legislature shows how far our politics has fallen. To suggest that women can only be successful based on performing sexual behaviors is sexist and an insult to women everywhere. Instead of fighting for economic relief for his district and Douglas County, he has resorted to verbally attacking a female member of the Legislature. Sen Chambers has also said that Republicans are “afraid of him.” As a former female Senator, I am not afraid of Senator Chambers and I am calling on the Nebraska Legislature to stand up against this sexist behavior and censure Senator Chambers for these abhorrent remarks.”


Chris Nelson


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